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  • Why Take Highland Dance? Jig Shoes | Morgan's School of Highland Dance

    Why Take Highland Dancing?

    According to Wikipedia: Highland dancing is a competitive and technical dance form requiring technique, stamina, and strength, and is recognised as a sport by the Sport Council of Scotland. By signing your child up…

  • Costume help from | Morgan's School of Highland Dance

    Costume Help

    What should be in your Garment Bag? Garment bag items vary by performance needs. Here is an intuitive list of items that are handy to have with you during Performances, Medal Testing and Competition.…

  • How to... with | Morgan's School of Highland Dance

    How To…

    Looking for help with Highland related items? Look no further! How to: Tie Hullachan Ghillies How to: Make the Perfect Bun…

  • Competition medals Thunder Bay | Morgan's School of Highland Dance


    Highland dancers who are interested in competing must register with Scotdance Ontario for a current Competitive Dancers Card. This card is to be renewed each year and registration forms will come from your teacher. …