Morgan’s School of Highland Dancing Policies 2020/2021

This document may be downloaded by clicking the following link: Policies (PDF)

Cancelled Classes: The following classes will be cancelled and have been reflected in your fees. Oct 31st (Halloween), the third Saturday in November (TBHDA Fall Competition), Holly & Heather Christmas Concert Day (date TBD), Christmas holidays (we follow the school boards calendar) Family Day in February, March Break, BATD Medal Testing days (Dates TBD)

Class Cancellation Policy: Classes that are cancelled due to weather or teacher’s illness will be rescheduled before the end of the dance season.

Government Shut Down Policy: In the event of a forced closure through government shut down, all classes will be moved online and dancers will be expected to continue their learning by regularly attending the online classes.

Refund Policy: A dancer has 3 weeks to decide if they will continue classes for the year. Dancers who decide not to continue within the 3 weeks will be given a refund of their fees minus $40. After the 3 week period and up until January 1st, a refund for the remainder fees minus one month’s fees will be issued. After January 1st, no refunds will be issued.

Payment Plan Policy: Morgan’s School offers a payment plan for class fees. After a deposit of $100 is made with registration, monthly payments are to be made on the 15th of September, October, November and December. Payments do not have to be divided equally. Fees that are not paid in full by December 15th will be charged a $20 late fee in addition to fees owed.

Absence Policy: Dancers are expected to make their class time a priority in order to progress with the rest of the class. If your dancer must be absent, please call or send a text to Heather at 620-6559. Classes that are missed by the dancer will not be reimbursed or rescheduled by the teacher. Dancers who miss an excessive amount of classes may be required to book a private class to catch up.

Private Class Policy: Private classes must be paid for upon scheduling/in advance and can be paid with cash, cheque (made out to Heather Morgan) or e-transfer. Full hour fee is $35. Half hour fee is $20. If paying with e transfer, the password Dancer must be used and the dancer’s name and private class dates should be noted in the message. 24 hours notice must be given if cancelling a private class. A dancer who does not show up for class or cancels in less than 24 hours may be charged the full fee.

Late Policy: Dancers are to arrive 10 minutes prior to class time in order to be prepared at class start time. Late dancers are asked to join the class on the dance floor quietly and without interrupting the lesson in progress. If you find the door is locked, please knock once and patiently wait for the door to be opened for you.

Dress Code: Morgan’s School does not have a strict dress code for class, however, we do expect dancers to arrive in dance wear that allows for freedom of movement and for the teacher to be able to see the dancer’s body lines. Body suit and tights or fitted tank tops and bike shorts are the best options. Experienced and competitive dancers are to wear knee socks as this helps both dancer and teacher with precise positioning. HAIR MUST BE PULLED BACK. Pony tails, braids and buns are the best options.

Illness Policy: Dancers who are experiencing the following symptoms 24 hours prior to class time should not come to class: vomiting, fever, excessive coughing, pink eye, diarrhea and anything else that may be contagious. Non contagious dancers should come to class to watch and take notes. Injured dancers should also come to class to watch and take notes.

Food/Drink Policy: Please do not bring food or snacks into the waiting room, change room or studio rooms. The exceptions are March Break Camp, Dance Camp and Friday night events. Dancers are encouraged to bring a reusable water bottle to class. Please refrain from sending juice/pop/etc.

Parent Viewing Policy: Parents are invited to watch the first class of each month to view their dancers progress and take notes to help with practice at home. During the first month of classes for first year dancers, parents are invited to watch the first 3 classes and then starting in November will follow the first class of the month policy. Please refrain from using electronics while viewing classes. Please Note: due to Covid-19 restrictions, this policy may be adapted to follow provincial and federal regulations.

Christmas Costume Policy: Morgan’s School of Highland Dancing’s annual Holly and Heather Christmas Concert features Christmas choreography for each class (with the exception of the Parent and Preschooler class and Private classes). Costumes for this choreography will be provided by the school and will be given out the week prior to the concert date. Costumes are to be returned the first class in the new year. Please return your costume in the same condition you received it.

Traditional Costume Policy: New dancers do not require traditional costumes until Spring testing (and in some cases, for the Christmas concert) and it is the responsibility of the dancer and family to obtain. Wendy has a second hand cupboard containing used kilts, blouses, vests, socks and dance shoes. To book an appointment to view and try on costumes, please call Wendy at 475-7870 or e-mail For families looking for new and/or custom fit costumes, is a great place to start.

Social Media Policy: Dancers or parents who spread rumours or inaccurate information about our school, our teachers, our students or our families online on any social media may be dismissed from class and our school without refund. Please bring any concerns or complaints directly to Heather or Wendy Morgan.