Folklore Festival

Highland Dance Thunder bay

Saturday performance time is 4:40-4:55.

Dancers are to arrive no later than 30 minutes prior to performance time. Check in with Wendy or Heather at the performers entrance and then head to the dressing room.


Highland Fling- Ivy, Daphne V, Alora, Rya, Makinley, Anna, Rain, Sinclaire, Garrett, Milla, Zoe, Klara, Abigail, Katie, Rhylin, Teagan

Seann Truibhas- McKayla, Hailey, Michelle, Jordan

Hop Scotch Polka- Tatianna, Katherine, Gracie, Eliza, Isobel, Brooke, Maddie, Ashley?

Scottish Lilt- Milla, Zoe, Klara, Abigail, Katie, Teagan

Broadsword/Tulloch Extravaganza-
Tulloch Set #1- Heather, Justin, Nicki, Jessica
Tulloch Set #2- Jordan, Grace C, Lauren, Julia
Tulloch Set #3- Terry, Claire, Katherine, Sarah B
Broadsword Set- McKayla, Hailey, Michelle, Tiffany